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KiMu KiPi








Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183681186

ISBN-10 8183681182


Number of Pages 191 Pages
Language (Tamil)

General & world history

KiMu KiPi (Tamil) traces human history from the dawn of time to the period leading up to the Christian Era. Written in an easy and engaging style, this is one history book that even people who find history boring might connect to. Summary Of The Book KiMu KiPi (Tamil) begins with the birth of the Earth and covers the evolution of human beings. It presents human history from before the dawn of the human race, in a way that will appeal to all readers, especially the young, who like history presented to them in short doses. The book appeared in a serialized form in Kumudam magazine. The short chapters and an easy conversational style keeps the narrative interesting. The author highlights interesting facts and episodes in human history. For instance, he points out that the known ancestor of mankind was actually a woman, from Africa. He describes the slow migration of human beings out of Africa and on to other parts of the world. He also explains how the trek might have been helped by the fact that plate tectonics kept changing the face of the earth. Continents that are now separated by miles of ocean between them were once joined together, facilitating the spread of the human race across the entire world KiMu KiPi (Tamil) talks about the evolution of culture and civilization, about the emergence of powerful empires, like the Greek, Roman and Egyptian empires. He also focuses on Indian history and traces the emergence of the first historical empire in India, the Mauryan empire, that defended the country against the Greeks, who had reached India under Alexander the Great. The book is a very interesting read, and is an introduction to human and world history, from the emergence of human like creatures, to the dawn of the human race and its development in all its facets, language, religion, culture, politics and ancient empires. It ends with the birth of Christ and the beginning of the Christian Era. About Madhan Madhan is a cartoonist, journalist and writer. He is also the author of Manithanum Marmangalum, Kaadhal Vaazhga and Vandhargal Vendrargal. Madhan, born Maadapoosi Krishnaswamy Govinda Kumar, in 1947 in Srirangam, started his career as a cartoonist in Ananda Vikatan magazine and worked there for three decades. He also became the editor of the magazine and its sister publication, Junior Vikatan. He has written the dialogue for the Kamal Haasan starrer Anbe Sivam and also anchored a TV show that reviewed movies and presented a history of motion pictures, on STAR Vijay.