ISBN 9780007350902,King Solomon's Mines

King Solomon's Mines


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780007350902

ISBN-10 0007350902


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


King Solomon's Mines is an adventurous novel written by Henry Rider Haggard that takes the reader to the unexplored regions of Africa. Summary Of The Book Originally published in 1885, King Solomon's Mines takes the reader on an exploratory journey to the unexplored regions of Africa. Set against the background of infinite deserts and snow-covered mountains, the story is about an adventurous group led by Allan Quatermain. Allan is searching for his missing brother and the treasure of the biblical King Solomon. This group of adventurers has to face unexpected danger, myths, evil sorceress, lost tribes, hardship, and cruel kings to reach their destination and fulfill their purpose. Moreover, Allan and his group have to face tribal war and at the end even confront the evil witch Gagool. As these people go through a series of adventures, they narrowly escape death. First published in 1885, King Solomon's Mines is still considered one of the first few English adventure novels set in the backdrop of Africa. Haggard's thrilling saga of Allan Quatermain, an elephant hunter, and his fabled search for Solomon's treasures was one of the bestselling novels of the nineteenth century. However, as the critics have said, this book is more than just an adventurous story and offers detailed portrayal of the battles and alliances of African tribesmen and white colonials. King Solomon's Mines is believed to be the origin of the Lost World literary genre. There are six adaptations of this book to film. About Henry Rider Haggard Henry Rider Haggard was a British scholar and novelist famously known for writing adventure novels. He is also known as the founder of the Lost World literary genre. Haggard has also published various other books including Ayesha: The Return of She, Moon Of Israel, The Brethren, She And Allan, Cleopatra, Nada the Lily, The World's Desire, When The World Shook, The People Of The Mist, and many more. Born on 22nd June 1856 in Norfolk, his initial education began at Garsington Rectory in Oxfordshire. However, his father did not send him for expensive private education because he didn't consider him intelligent enough like his brothers. He was sent to South Africa to work as an assistant to the secretary of Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Natal. In 1880, he married to Louisa Margitson and had one son and three daughters with her. He was also intensely involved with reforming agriculture. Haggard died at age of 68 in 1925.