ISBN 9789351653219,Kingdom of Shiva

Kingdom of Shiva




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Diamond Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351653219

ISBN-10 9351653218


Number of Pages 664 Pages
Language (English)

United Kingdom, Great Britain

Kingdom of Shiva is an amazing vedic epic and full of mythological classic epic stories of the great goddess Parvati and lord Shiva.

A transparent theme of this book is to highlight vedic wisdom.

The book demystify the myths with creative writing on science of the sacred through a single story forms, revolving around golden Parvati and lord Shiva at the kingdom of Shiva.

The kingdom of Shiva, 'Kailash' is a very very ancient place of divine vedic knowledge with hidden, mysterious and unknown wisdom and entities with technologies.

There are 20 chapters in this book, studded with gems of vedic knowledge. Vedas considered as a perfect blend of dharma, karma, divinity, belief, philosophy, literature, science, mathematics, technology social science, morals etc. It is known that Indian mythology is one of the richest element of Indian culture.

This work unfolds rig Veda hymn 7. 33. 13 on hiranyagrarbha that relates to the embryology and gynaecology. Rig Veda 9. 7. 3 on human head transplantation by pravargya vidhi. Temple architecture, cosmic science of sacred geometry, geodesy, archaeology, astronomy, meteorology, symbolism, resonance etc. Further, it unfolds the secrets of musical pillars backed science.

Read it to believe the importance of our ancient Indian scriptures.

This is an attempt to sharper the minds of the reads with mythological stories.

Please leave your own concepts and knowledge about lord Shiva and his divine family to group this well researched vision.

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