ISBN 9788121212885,Know The Hindu Mind

Know The Hindu Mind



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788121212885

ISBN-10 812121288X


Number of Pages 138 Pages
Language (English)

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The book presents the diabolical picture of a wonder called "Hindu Mind' on which no social scientist or historian had the courage to write. That Is how it becomes a seminal work as no other living writer had the intellectual firepower, the range and the depth of knowledge, the overwhelming command of tact and source and the analytical skill to write a book on the malignantforceof the 'Hindu Mind". The 'Hindu Mind' has converted India into a bloody battlefield in the past thousands of years, and made it the workts largest intellectual desert-but cunningly covered all this under a thick cloud of 'India Shining' mesmerism. Being India's most original thinker and scholar not one of his prophecies has gone wrong. As the Editor of the 30-year-old revolutionary English journal. Debt Voice, he led Indian delegations to China, Japan. Libya. Iran. Pakistan. Visited US and UK. To curb his popularity overseas, his passport was impounded for 20 long years. arrested many times, lobbed in jail-plus a total media blackout clamped to see that he does not expose the 'Hindu Mind'. Whether you are devout Hindu or a victim of the 'Hindu Mind', this insightful book will engage you with its provocative ideas.