ISBN 9781107605305,Know Your Planet: A Textbook For Icse Geography Book 1

Know Your Planet: A Textbook For Icse Geography Book 1



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107605305

ISBN-10 110760530X


Number of Pages 88 Pages
Language (English)


Know Your Planet Is A Series In Geography For Classes Iii, Iv And V Adhering To The Latest Syllabus Prescribed By The Inter- State Board For Anglo-Indian Education. The Series Aims At Introducing Young Learners To The Study Of Geography In A Comprehensive And Enjoyable Manner. While Inculcating In Them A Sense Of Curiosity About The Various Facets Of The Planet They Inhabit, The Series Also Exposes Them To The Diverse Groups Of People Living On The Planet And Their Cultures. Besides, It Sensitises Students To Various Issues Related To The Environment Thus Paving The Way For Their Becoming Responsible Citizens Of The Future.

The Series Adopts A Unique Interactive And Enquiry Approach. Every Chapter-Title Is Presented As A Question The Answer To Which Is Provided By The Chapter Itself. The Exercises Train Students In Developing Vital Life Skills Such As Giving Directions, Map-Pointing, Identifying Topographical Variations And So On. The In-Text Activities Encourage Active Learning And Hone Thinking And Reasoning Skills.

Key Features:
Carefully Graded And Structured Chapters
Unique Interrogative And Interactive Style To Arouse Curiosity
Clearly Formulated Learning Objectives At The Beginning Of Every Chapter
Specific Chapters On Environmental Education In Every Book
Interesting Facts On The Environment To Inculcate Awareness And Responsibility
In-Text Activities To Hone Thinking And Reasoning Skills
Exercises To Develop Vital Life Skills
Learner-Friendly Sketches And Art-Work To Make The Material Appealing
Real-Life Images To Arouse A Sense Of Awe And Wonder
Ideas For Classroom Activities And Project Work In Every Chapter
Web Links In Every Chapter To Facilitate Research And Project Work
Teachers Manual With Additional Teaching And Testing Material
Online Web-Support At Www.Cambridgeindia.Org

The Teachers Manual Facilitates The Teachers With The Series In A Way Which Makes It Useful And Assists The Teachers In All Classroom Activities Listed In The Textbook. It Explains The Objective Of Each Chapter At The Start Of Every Chapter. Solutions To All The Exercises Are Given In The Manual. The Manual Is Supplemented With Model Test Papers To Assist In Class Room Activities. The Manual Also Contains Additional Activities Which Provide Ready Test Papers For The Aid Of The Teachers.