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Knowledge and Learning


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Publication Year 1981

ISBN 9780486242019

ISBN-10 0486242013


Number of Pages 127 Pages
Language (English)

Knowledge and Learning

Written by American mathematician Martin Gardner, Entertaining Science Experiments With Everyday Objects is one of the most famous science textbooks dealing with interesting scientific experiments and projects. This book enables students, especially the young enthusiasts, to use their creativity and create useful scientific projects.
This renowned science textbook provides a variety of basic and simple processes to glorify scientific perceptions with the help of otherwise ordinary household objects. Written in an easy and simple to understand language, the author has ensured to indulge young children and invoke a love for science in them without making them feel bored. The experiments provided in this book can be easily understood, adapted, and enjoyed by the young learners. Though designed for young readers, the book is equally valuable for adults and can be enjoyed by them as well.

Entertaining Science Experiments With Everyday Objects consists of 100 scientific experiments to delight children. All these experiments teach the readers about a wide range of scientific fields including Geometry, Chemistry, Topology, Mathematics, Psychology, Mechanics, Astronomy, Acoustics, Physiology, Probability, and many more. To add fun to the learning experience, the author has included more than 100 illustrations in this book.
About the author -:
Martin Gardner is a famous American mathematician and writer.
Apart from Entertaining Science Experiments With Everyday Objects, Gardener has published various other books. Some of his popular works include The Ambidextrous Universe, The Annotated Alice, My Best Mathematical And Logic Puzzles, Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles, Perplexing Puzzles And Tantalizing Teasers, The Magic Numbers Of Dr. Matrix, Classic Brainteasers, The Colossal Book Of Short Puzzles and Problems, Fads And Fallacies In The Name Of Science, and many others.
Martin Gardner was born on 21st October, 1914 in Tulsa where he spent his childhood. He completed his graduation in Philosophy from the University of Chicago. He started his career as a reporter for the Tulsa Tribune. He also worked as a writer with the UC Office of Press Relations and with the Chicago's Black Belt as a case employee. He got a chance to perform his national duties in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Later when he returned to New York City, he started working with the Humpty Dumpty magazine as a writer and wrote stories as well as articles. His works on paper-folding riddles led him to his next destination Scientific American for which he used to write a monthly column on recreational mathematics. In 1960, his first book The Annotated Alice got published. He died in 2010 in Norman, Oklahoma. He is popularly known for his efforts to spread love for Popular Mathematics and Science Journalism.