ISBN 9788178299099,Knowledge Economy : The Indian Challenge

Knowledge Economy : The Indian Challenge


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178299099

ISBN-10 8178299097

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Number of Pages 324 Pages
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A compilation of 27 papers written by eminent academicians and practitioners, Knowledge Economy: The Indian Challenge engages with the challenge of transforming the Indian economy to a knowledge economy. Thus, it looks at change management of the economy with a focus on: - Economic trends and critical activities contributing to the desired change - Educational issues for preparing the human resources - Structural issues for developing institutional frameworks - Societal issues for ultimately benefiting stakeholders. Individual chapters deal with issues like mapping the transition from industrial economy to knowledge economy, transformation from industrial age to information age, identification of new knowledge streams, creation of a network of knowledge institutions, and promoting the use of knowledge management for the larger good of the society. This work will be an invaluable resource for students and academicians working in the fields of economics and development studies, as well as policy makers, donor agencies, business associations and consultancy organizations. Table of Contents Preface Overview by ASHOKA CHANDRA and M K KHANIJO I: DIRECTIONS OF CHANGE TOWARDS A KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: Mapping the Directions of Transition from Industrial Economy to Knowledge Economy VINOD KUMAR, HARSHA SINVHAL and VINAY K NANGIA Conceptual and Assessment Dimensions of Knowledge Management: An Overview VIDHU SHEKHAR JHA, SIDDHARTH MAHAJAN and HIMANSHU JOSHI Knowledge Management in a Manufacturing Organization RAVI PRAKASH Structure and Behaviour of IT Firms in India K NARAYANAN and SAVITA BHAT II: TRENDS AND ISSUES IN FORMULATING POLICY INITIATIVES AND DEVELOPING STRATEGIES OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT: India?s Transition to Knowledge Economy: Variation across States ARINDAM BANIK and PRADIP K BHAUMIK An Approach to Developing Knowledge Economy Indicators for Individual States SIDDHARTH MAHAJAN, ASHOKA CHANDRA and MAINAK SARKAR Knowledge Management Initiative and Practice for Moving towards Learning Organization and Business Excellence HIMANSHU JOSHI, VIDHU SHEKHAR JHA and SIDDHARTH MAHAJAN New Approaches to Management Research and Knowledge Building: Division, D-Vision and Direct Vision Approaches and Their Convergence SUBHASH SHARMA A Note on Change Management Processes M D G KORETH III: HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: Identifying New Knowledge Streams in the Evlolving Knowledge Economy PREMA RAJAGOPALAN and M S MATHEWS IV: SCOPE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY, R&D AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT FOR THE EMERGING KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: Key Stakeholders for the Knowledge Economy PREMA RAJAGOPALAN and M S MATHEWS Knowledge, Science and Technology ABID HUSSAIN Innovation in Knowledge Economy RAJEEVA RATNA SHAH Intellectual Property Rights in Knowledge Management A K SENGUPTA Research Planning and Management in a Knowledge-intensive R&D Organization: The Case of CSIR-India NARESH KUMAR Strategy and Structure in the Knowledge Enterprise ARUN P SINHA Expectations of the SME Sector from Knowledge Economy K K SARKAR New Public Management in the Emerging Knowledge Economy T S KRISHNA MURTHY V: CREATING A NETWORK OF KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTIONS: Networking of Knowledge Institutions M S MATHEWS and PREMA RAJAGOPALAN International Networking for Knowledge Management ARUNDHATI CHATTOPADHYAY, G S KRISHNAN and U S SINGH International Partnering for Capacity Building in IMTT: An IIFT Initiative NIRAJ KUMAR Sensitivity to Self-Organization and Effectiveness of IT Networks in the Social Sector K SANKARAN VI: APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT FOR ACHIEVING SOCIAL OBJECTIVES: Promoting the use of Knowledge Management as a Tool for Securing Larger Good of the Society SURINDER BATRA Knowledge Management and Human Development MAINAK SARKAR and SIDDHARTH MAHAJAN Knowledge Management as a Change Driver SANJAY DHAR A Digital Ecosystem Model for Competitive Agriculture in the Knowledge Economy RUNA SARKAR and JAYANTA CHATTERJEE Development Leadership in a Knowledge Economy NAGENDRA P SINGH Appendix: Towards Knowledge Society?A Discussion DIVYA KIRTI GUPTA Index