ISBN 9789350293171,Krishna Coriolis: Rage Of Jarasandha (Book - 5)

Krishna Coriolis: Rage Of Jarasandha (Book - 5)


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350293171

ISBN-10 935029317X


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

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The Krishna Coriolis series retells the ever popular tales of Krishna for a new generation. The author, who has made a success of rendering Hindu epics and stories in a contemporary style for new readers, turns his attention to the legendary figure of Krishna. Considered the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna is highly popular among kids and adults, for his mischievous childhood and his exploits as an adult. This series divides his story into multiple volumes to do justice to the story of Krishna. Krishna Coriolis: Rage Of Jarasandha (Book - 5) is the fifth book in the series. Krishna is used to threats and danger from his childhood. His maternal uncle, Kamsa, plotted to kill him even before he was born. Finally he is free, as he confronted his uncle and killed him. He then installed Kamsa's father Ugrasena on the throne of Mathura. But, this does not ensure peace, for Kamsa's father-in-law is the powerful Jarasandha, ruler of Magadha. Angered by the death of his son-in-law that widowed his daughters, Jarasandha is on a mission to wreak his vengeance on Mathura. He invades with his huge army, but Balarama and Krishna send him back. However, Jarasandha is not one to be stopped by any hurdle, once he makes up his mind. Krishna Coriolis: Rage Of Jarasandha (Book - 5) has a Jarasandha who is not one that is easily placated. He has deeper plans for Mathura, and against Krishna. Now, it is up to Krishna to anticipate and counter the malicious intent of Jarasandha, and protect the people of Mathura. About Ashok K. Banker Ashok K. Banker is a popular author. His other books include Ashes In The Dust Of Time, The Missing Parents Mystery, Byculla Boy, Prince of Ayodhya, Bridge of Rama, Dance of Govinda,The Valmiki Syndrome, and Fortress of Dwarka. Ashok K. Banker, born to a Gujarati father and an Anglo-Indian mother, was raised in an Anglo-Indian Christian atmosphere, with no exposure to Hindu beliefs or scriptures. However, he later developed an interest in Hindu epics and puranas and is now best known as a retailer of ancient Hindu tales, especially for his Ramayana series.