ISBN 9789381394816,Kulfi and Cappuccino

Kulfi and Cappuccino


Hind Yugm



Hind Yugm

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789381394816

ISBN-10 9381394814


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Indian Writing

Kulfi and Cappuccino' is a trendsetter in the arena of new wave Hindi writing. Its an earnest attempt to celebrate youth, their life, aspirations, confusions and their love stories.
The novel is set in Jaipur. The plot of the story revolves around two central characters - Anurag and Neha. Anurag narrates the story. He is a middle class boy who comes to Jaipur to fulfill his fathers dream (Mere Bete Ka Bhi Bada Package Hoga). He meets Neha. A series of exciting incidents and meetings later, Anurag and Neha to realize they are becoming more than just friends. But as fate would have it, the blooming love story sees a twist in tale when Anurag meets Komal, a family friends daughter.
Meanwhile, Prateek and Bhupi who are roommates with Anurag are facing an emotional turmoil in their personal lives. This affects Anurags love life. How will Anurag get out of it? Will he be able to resolve his friends problems? Whom will he say, I love you? Will he fulfill his fathers dream?
In a nutshell, 'Kulfi and Cappuccino' is definitely readable. You will love to keep it for a second read too.

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