ISBN 9788174366948,Kushti In Banaras: Wrestling As A Homage To Gods

Kushti In Banaras: Wrestling As A Homage To Gods



Roli Books Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788174366948

ISBN-10 8174366946


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

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Asacred practice where the soul meets the divine, kushti is the spiritual synthesis of the body, discipline, and devotion. The symbolism of akharas transcends beyond being mere grounds for physical activity; the pahalwans worship them as temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman. S?verine Dabadie and Christiane Etchezaharreta?s journey through Banaras is a quest to portray the sensuality of the wrestlers bodies and their inherent strength and beauty. This testimony restores pride in the practice of kushti. While on one side, the popularity of kushti has been declining, this book celebrates the presence of pahalwans who courageously continue to fight on the sacred grounds of Banaras?s akharas and perpetuate India?s cultural heritage. About the author During their three years in Banaras, S?verine Dabadie and Christiane Etchezaharreta had the privilege of being allowed to be a part of the wrestlers world. They followed the wrestlers of Gaya Seth akhara in Banaras and documented their lives, the camaraderie between them, and most importantly, their devotion to Lord Hanuman, their guru and to kushti. This book ? with Severine?s evocative photographs and Christiane?s insightful text ? brings alive a world which is fast disappearing and needs to be recorded. They have partnered on two other illustrated books on Banaras and Basque Country - ?A Day in Kashi? and ?Laxoa?.