ISBN 9788131512074,Lab Manual For General Chemistry

Lab Manual For General Chemistry



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788131512074

ISBN-10 813151207X


Number of Pages 194 Pages
Language (English)

Laboratory techniques, experiments

Lab Manual for General Chemistry approaches the gen chem. lab experience with a combination of experiment styles. Skill Building, Guided Inquiry, and Open Inquiry, in order to maximize information and skills in the minimal amount of lab time. There are 24 experiments with Pre-Lab questions to help you prepare for the lab ahead of time, Post-Lab questions to reinforce the core concepts of the lab.

Key Feature
Twenty-four total experiments featuring Skill Building experiments, Guided Inquiry experiments and Open Inquiry experiments, meet all of the needs of students and instructors looking for a selection of laboratory pedagogy
In Guided Inquiry experiments, students collect data/observations on designated variables without previously studying the relationship between variables
Open Inquiry experiments ask students to design experiments to answer questions based on their understanding of the concepts

Table of Contents
1. Are Labels Accurate or Precise?
2. Density Measurements
3. Cost of a Chemical Product
4. Soap Making
5. Reactions of Calcium
6. Recycling Aluminum Cans
7. Solutions and Crystals of Alum
8. Mass Relationships in Reactions
9. Shapes of Molecules and Ions
10. Freezing Points of Solutions
11 Spectrochemical Analysis
12. Heat of Crystallization
13. Enthalpy of Reactions
14. The Kinetics of the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
15. Kinetics of Decoloration of Crystal Violet
16. Factors Affecting Reactions
17. Formation of a Complex
18. Acid and pH
19. Reactions of Acids and Bases
20. Acids and Bases
21. Electrochemistry
22. Small Scale Redox Titration
23. Organic Molecules
24. Reactions of Organic Compounds