ISBN 9780761995449,Land Reforms in India : Performance and Challenges in Gujarat and Maharashtra

Land Reforms in India : Performance and Challenges in Gujarat and Maharashtra


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780761995449

ISBN-10 0761995447

Hard Back

Number of Pages 520 Pages
Language (English)


This, the eighth volume in the series on Land Reforms in India focuses on Gujarat and Maharashtra and contains original essays by scholars, activists and administrators who have in-depth knowledge of the current situation regarding land reforms in the two states. The contributors place the two states in a contemporary framework. Table of Contents Preface Editors? Introduction GHANSHYAM SHAH and D C SAH I. OVERVIEW OF LAND REFORMS: Overview of Land Reforms in Maharashtra R V BHUSKUTE Land Reforms and Agrarian Structure in Maharashtra R S DESHPANDE Caste and Land Reforms in Gujarat GHANSHYAM SHAH II. IMPLEMENTATION OF LAND REFORMS: Implementation of the Land Ceiling Act in Western India K GOPAL IYER Tenancy Reforms in Western India K GOPAL IYER Distribution of Government Land in Western India K GOPAL IYER III. TRIBAL ALIENATION AND THEIR STRUGGLES: Land Alienation, Land Reforms and Tribals in Maharashtra PRADIP PRABHU Struggles of Dangi Adivasis for Livelihood and Land IRFAN ENGINEER Land Reforms through People?s Movements KIRAN DESAI Land Struggle in the Eastern Belt of Gujarat INDUKUMAR JANI IV. STRUGGLES AND REHABILITATION OF PROJECT AFFECTED PEOPLE: Land Grabbing and Struggles of the Displaced in Maharashtra RAJENDRA VORA Crop Commercialisation and Migration D C SAH Status and Impact of Land Reforms and New Technology on Agricultural Development SAMAR K DATTA and BHUPAT M DESAI Common Property Land Resources in Gujarat: Some Findings About their Size, Status and Use SUDARSHAN IYENGAR Select Bibliography Compiled by ARJUN PATEL Index