ISBN 9781592238293,Land Warfare

Land Warfare


Thunder Bay Press



Thunder Bay Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781592238293

ISBN-10 1592238297

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

War is hell. And since the early days of WWI, it?s become more ferocious than ever. From the advent of tanks, chemical warfare, automatic weapons and nukes, Land Warfare takes an unflinching look at the brutal and bloody battles that have shaped the world since 1914.

? Presented chronologically, Land Warfare examines the most famous wars and campaigns of the 20th century, from WWI and WWII, to the Cold War, the Six-Day War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and beyond.
? Gain insight into revolutions, insurrections and civil wars, including the civil wars in Congo and Ethiopia, revolutions in China and Cuba, and "the troubles" of Northern Ireland.
? Discover how technological advances changed the way war was waged during the 19th and 20th centuries, and how today?s technology stacks up.
? Includes an examination of major battle strategies, such as the Blitzkrieg, guerilla warfare, brushfire wars, as well as a detailed exploration of weapons since 1914.
? Illustrations bring the horrors and triumphs of war vividly to life. Each section is filled with photographs, action shots, aerial images as well as full-color artwork, maps and diagrams.

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