ISBN 9788186921340,Language and Mind - Vol. 1: Western Perspective

Language and Mind - Vol. 1: Western Perspective


R.C. Pradhan


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Decent Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788186921340

ISBN-10 8186921346

Hard Back

Number of Pages 342 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

This work is a collection of papers dealing with the problems concerning the relation between language and mind. It focuses on the recent developments in the philosophy of language and mind, particularly with regard to the computational approach to this subject. The computational approach defended by Fodor and others has changed the very concept of language and mind thus ushering in a new philosophy in recent years. But, not unsurprisingly, there has been a vehement opposition to this approach led by Searle and others which has exposed the limitations of computationalism as a philosophical theory. The controversy regarding language, mind and meaning between the computationalists and their opponents is the main theme of this book. Besides these differing ideologies the book also highlights the general issues regarding meaning, intentionality, necessity, a prioricity, etc. which have an important place in the philosophy of language. This is the first of a two-volume project dealing with language and mind. This book deals exclusively with the Western perspective of the problems of language and mind, while Volume II will deal with the classical Indian approach.