ISBN 9780205270880,Language and Reading Disabilities

Language and Reading Disabilities



Prentice Hall

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780205270880

ISBN-10 0205270883


Number of Pages 383 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Language acquisition is one of the key milestones in early childhood development. So much of a child's future social and intellectual development hinges on this milestone, that its delay can create a domino effect that begins with isolation and withdrawal, turns into poor academic performance, and eventually leads to the development of learning disabilities and social problems. Recent research has revealed a dramatic link between the development of spoken language and written language among children, and the importance of language acquisition to basic reading skills. As more research becomes available about how children learn to read, evidence mounts in support of the language basis of reading disabilities. With a strong clinical and research basis, this book provides a broad perspective of language problems associated with reading disabilities. This book compares spoken and written language, noting similarities and differences. The acquisition of reading, reading-related language abilities, and writing disorders are discussed. In the second half of the book, recognized experts in the areas of assessment and remediation of reading and writing disorders discuss the identification, assessment, and treatment of reading and writing disorders. Educators, special educators, speech pathologists, reading and language instructors, curriculum specialists, and parents.