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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380227368

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Originally published in different volumes, Law Of Success was the result of numerous interviews Hill conducted over a span of 20 years with more than one hundred of America's stunningly successful millionaires such as Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, J. P. Morgan and Henry Ford. Before writing it down as a book, Hill had traveled all over the United States of America for about seven years, delivering lectures on these success principles to a large number of people. This soon became a sensation in America and was published in different volumes until it was collectively brought out as a book in 1928.

Drawing from the shared wisdom of some of the world's greatest thinkers, their thought processes and their success stories, the author outlines this guide to the new generation's personal achievement. He details 16 actionable theories that are sure to bring about great accomplishments out of every person. Hill argues that the philosophy of success is dynamic and immutable and hence requires the aspirant to be able to change, adapt and grow. Some such lessons from the book include teachings on Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Profiting By Failure, Accurate Thinking, Concentration, and Tolerance. He elaborates even on the aspects of grooming, dealing with rivalry, finding enthusiasm and acquiring leadership abilities. There also is a last lesson which the author calls The Golden Rule.

Emphasizing on the immense power of the master mind, the book talks about reaching such heights of success which average people wouldn't even think is possible.

About Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was an American motivational thinker and writer.

Think And Grow Rich, Outwitting The Devil, and The Magic Ladder To Success are some of his other works.

Born in the year 1883 in the state of Virginia, Hill started writing when he was as young as 13. He used to write as a 'mountain reporter' for small newspapers in and around Wise County. Using the money his writing had earned him, he had even enrolled for a course in law which he later dropped out of. Hill was one of the first American writers in the area of success literature and the new thought movement. He is highly regarded for his sizable contribution to the field. Owing to his commendable work on the philosophy of success and personal achievement, Hill was appointed as an adviser for US Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson