ISBN 9788129103413,Leadership And Motivation: Cultural Comparisons

Leadership And Motivation: Cultural Comparisons


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788129103413

ISBN-10 8129103419


Number of Pages 390 Pages
Language (English)


There is little in Indian management literature that attempts to understand leadership and motivation from the deep structure of a highly resilient and enduring culture. While other Eastern countries have been confidently conscious of their cultural distinctiveness from that of the West, the Indian response has been undermining effective leadership in India for a long time. Leadership and Motivation attempts to analyse the Western, Eastern and Indian cultural foundations of management ethos. This book, one of the few on the subject, makes a significant contribution to our knowledge in this little-investigated field of research. About the Author Debangshu Chakraborty is presently a faculty member in the Department of Business Management of J.D. Birla Institute, Kolkata. S.K. Chakraborty retired from IIM Founder-conveners of its Management Centre for Human Values. His other books include Managerial Effectiveness and Quality of Work Life and Ethics in Management.