ISBN 9788183224765,Leadership and Self - Deception (Marathi)

Leadership and Self - Deception (Marathi)



Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788183224765

ISBN-10 8183224768


Number of Pages 206 Pages
Language (Marathi)


Leadership and Self - Deception - Getting out of the box says that self-deception is the reason behind most problems that occur in organizations. This book explains how many people endlessly justify themselves even when they believe what they are doing is incorrect. The author shows how to get out of this mindset Leadership and Self - Deception - Getting out of the boxs first part is titled Self Deception and the box. This is followed by how we get in the box. This section describes how an individual sees other people as objects and therefore as the source of each and every problem. The needs of those around that individual are considered less important and this leads to an atmosphere of dissatisfaction. When people do something which is conflicting to what they believe in, they end up inside of a box. By blaming others for their own problems, they also force everyone else to get into their own boxes. The final part of Leadership and Self - Deception - Getting out of the box is how we get out of the box. The author emphases on the need to stop objectifying other people and to instead focus on their desires, aspirations and fears. This will help improve relationships dramatically, not just at work, but also at home. The principles of Leadership and Self - Deception - Getting out of the box have been explained through a story, to make it easy for readers to understand. Tom is an executive who has just joined Zagrum Corp. At his previous job, his boss took all the credit for his work, which has left him feeling that he has been wronged. Unfortunately, Toms relationship with his wife and son is also in troubled waters. The protagonist feels that everything in his life is going downhill, but he does not realize that he himself has been contributing to it. At Zagrum, Tom goes through a leadership training session, which helps him become aware of other peoples feelings and point of views. He realizes that it is not like he is the only good person around, whereas everyone else is wicked and incompetent. Eventually, he also realizes his role in contributing to his family issues.Leadership and Self - Deception - Getting out of the box is a book that teaches about the importance of leadership, teamwork, trust, motivation and communication. The authors have included sections on how this guide was being used in different organizations.