ISBN 9781422110300,Leadership Brand

Leadership Brand



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781422110300

ISBN-10 1422110303


Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (English)


Your company's brands hold intangible value and differentiate your firm from rivals. So does your leadership brand - a shared identity among your organization's leaders that differentiates what they can do from what your rivals' leaders can do. In "Leadership Brand", Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood show how branded leadership delivers unique value for firms' investors, customers, and employees - elevating market value and creating a sharp competitive edge. The authors present a six-step process for creating leadership brand in your organization. A wealth of tools helps you differentiate your firm's leaders from those of rivals, craft a unified identity among them, and articulate a unique statement of your brand. With its compelling new model and hands-on approach, this book helps you clarify what makes your leaders unique - and use your leadership brand to leave rivals far behind.