ISBN 9780312594909,Leadership By Example

Leadership By Example


Chopra Fisher


Thomas Dunne Books



Thomas Dunne Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780312594909

ISBN-10 0312594909

Hard Back

Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


Leadership By Example: The Ten Key Principles of All Great Leaders provides the readers with insights about taking control of various aspects of their lives. The authors begin the book by telling the readers that it's definitely easier to be a follower, and illustrate this fact by using an example of migrating birds flying in a formation. Scientific research has also proven that the birds following, expend less energy than their leader. He then examines the fact that most of the time, people don't play the role of a leader in their own lives, while some don't believe they have what it takes to be a leader.

He then tells the readers that they might encounter situations in their lives where they can be, and should be leaders. Very few individuals set out with the intent of becoming leaders, but it's actually a need they see, and they derive a way to take on the challenge. Chopra makes use of a number of stories to explain the ten core principles, which he believes, will place the reader into a place of being an effective leader. Some of these ten key principles include Attitude, Resilient, Sense of Purpose, Integrity, Empathy, Dreaming, Listening, and Integrity.

Leadership By Example: The Ten Key Principles Of All Great Leaders is based on Chopra's lecture to thousands of individuals worldwide. The content of this book is a result of his experiences in life, teachings of great leaders in history, and the time he spent as a Dean at Harvard Medical School.

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