ISBN 9780070080713,Leadership : Enhancing The Lessons Of Experience

Leadership : Enhancing The Lessons Of Experience



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070080713

ISBN-10 0070080712


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)


The text is designed for the elective course on Leadership offered in MBA (HR/OB) streams. It consists of 13 chapters and three leadership skills sections integrated into the text. The authors draw upon three different types of literature-empirical studies; interesting anecdotes, stories and findings; and leadership skills-to create a text that is personally relevant, interesting, and scholarly. The authors unique quest for a careful balancing act of leadership materials helps students apply theory and research to their real-life experiences. Salient Features Clear Organization: The text consists of 13 chapters and three Leadership Skills sections integrated into the text. The material on Leadership Skills has been better integrated into the logical flow of the chapters. There is a set of skills at the end of Part II (Focus on the Leader); another at the end of Part III (Focus on the Followers); and a final set at the end of Part IV (Focus on the Situation). This makes it easier for both students and instructors to link Skills readings and assignments to the respective parts of the book's leadership framework. Applications and Highlights of Real Leaders: The "Profiles in Leadership" that feature individuals whose leadership exemplifies some interesting aspect of the chapter's content. This includes leaders such as Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi, etc. Each chapter includes several "Profiles." The Highlights in each chapter have been reviewed and updated from previous editions. The end-of-chapter mini-cases and end-of-book cases examine current leadership situations in organizational setting. Up-to-date coverage of Leadership Styles/Traits/Models: Covers Team leadership; Managerial incompetence; Positive forms of leadership, including servant leadership and authentic leadership; Adaptive leadership, among others. The text also contains an interesting module on Assessing Leadership and Measuring its Effects.a Table of content :- PART I LEADERSHIP IS A PROCESS, NOT A POSITION Chapter 1 Leadership Is Everyone?s Business Chapter 2 Leadership Involves an Interaction between the Leader, the Followers and the Situation Chapter 3 Leadership Is Developed through Education and Experience Chapter 4 Assessing Leadership and Measuring Its Effects PART II FOCUS ON THE LEADER Chapter 5 Power and Influence Chapter 6 Leadership and Values Chapter 7 Leadership Traits Chapter 8 Leadership Behavior PART III FOCUS ON THE FOLLOWERS Chapter 9 Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance Chapter 10 Groups, Teams and Their Leadership PART IV FOCUS ON THE SITUATION Chapter 11 Characteristics of the Situation Chapter 12 Contingency Theories of Leadership Chapter 13 Leadership and Change