ISBN 9780071074223,Leading With Emotional Intelligence : Hands-On Strategies For Building Confident And Collaborative Star Performers

Leading With Emotional Intelligence : Hands-On Strategies For Building Confident And Collaborative Star Performers



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071074223

ISBN-10 0071074228


Number of Pages 368 Pages
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Everyone agrees that Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a key role in overall success. But when it comes to putting theory into practice, EI consultant Reldan Nadler, Psy.D., has written the only book on the subject that shows you step-by-step how to: INCREASE CONFIDENCE IMPROVE TEAMWORK ENHANCE COMMUNICATION DEVELOP STAR PERFORMANCE RAISE YOUR IQ WITH EI The more than 100 cutting-edge tools and strategies presented here are used by the most effective leaders in the world. This complete, hands-on action plan has worksheets, exercises, self-quizzes, and much more to show how great leaders put Emotional Intelligence to work. "One of the most practical and useful books on the topic that I've seen." -- David B. Peterson, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Personnel Decisions International, author of Leader as Coach and Development First "The perfect field guide for leaders who hope to improve their Emotional Intelligence and increase employee engagement, performance, and retention in the process. It is user-friendly and filled with practical tips and tools." -- Sharon Jordan-Evans, co-author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay "Provides detailed and easy-to-use practices to make you and your leaders superstars. One of the most valuable leadership books available!" -- Jeffrey E. Aurbach, Ph.D., President, College of Executive Coaching "Open to any page, and you will find a key lesson in leadership." -- Sylvia K. Leduc, M.Ed., MPEC, leadership specialist "Provides the kind of real-world guidance that is so often missing from leadership books. The tools and techniques are immediately applicable." -- Nick Rothenberg, OD consultant and owner, 2Be, LLC First introduced 15 years ago, Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been recognized as a far better indicator of success in the workplace than IQ is. But how do you apply the principles of EI in the real world? This book shows you how. Written by Dr. Reldan Nadler--one of the top corporate experts in EI leadership--this hands-on guide uses case scenarios and step-by-step strategies to provide all the answers you need: How do I increase my confidenceand EI to become a star player? How can I become more effective as a leader? How do I develop my people to become our next leaders? How can I communicate decisions to become more successful? What can I do at my next team meeting to improve morale and performance? Filled with more than 100 EI tools and techniques, Dr. Nadler's proven program is a must-have resource for CEOs, executives, managers, and team leaders. Organized by key topics--communication, collaboration, confidence, self-control, and developing others--this book offers invaluable quick-reference tips, as well as detailed checklists, worksheets, and action plans. In addition, you'll find fascinating frontline reports of leadership in action: Warren Buffett's vision and leadership of powerful CEOs, Jeff Immelt's staying power at GE, Pete Carroll's optimism at USC, and Meg Whitman's commitment to service at eBay. This is how successful people put their emotional skills to work. This is how you increase confidence, teamwork, and performance. This is Leading with Emotional Intelligence. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION: WHY EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? CHAPTER ONE: ARE YOU A STAR PERFORMER OR JUST AVERAGE? Leadership Skill Gap How Can Leadership Help at This Time? EQ, IQ, or Technical Expertise? The Four Areas of Emotional Intelligence Profiles of Star Performers How Star Performers Shine Warren Buffett Carly Fiorina Jeffrey Immelt Sergey Brin Pete Carroll Meg Whitman Bill Clinton Earvin Magic Johnson Lack of Self-Control and the Inability to Delay Gratification The Marshmallow Study Stretching Strengths: Going from Good to Great Leadership Micro-Initiatives: D.O.D. of Great Leadership Coach's Corner on Assessments Taking the EI Star Profile Assessment Are You or Your Boss Debilitating? What Is a Debilitating Boss? Disengaged Workers and Their Costs What Employees Want Power of Leadership The Solution: If You or Your Boss Are Debilitating Taking the Derailer Detector Strategic Use of Strengths Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER TWO: EMOTIONAL SELF-CONTROL TOOLS AND STRATEGIES What Is the Emotional Self-Control Competency? Emotional Intelligence Research Examples Stress, EQ, and IQ Where Did My IQ Go? Brain Neuroscience: Understanding How the Hijack Happens Famous Fallen Star Hijacks Zinedine Zidane's Head-Butt Tiger Woods's Sex Scandal Joe Wilson's You Lie! Outburst Serena Williams's Outburst Other Famous Hijacks The Coach's Corner: 8 Strategies for Emotional Self-Control 1. Self-Awareness: Are You Predictable? 2. Affect Labeling 3. The Emotional Audit 4. Putting On the Brakes 5. Mindfulness 6. Shuttling Exercise: Internal and External Awareness 7. Identifying Triggers 8. Reappraisal Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER THREE: SELF-CONFIDENCE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES What Is the Self-Confidence Competency? Emotional Intelligence Research Examples Star Profile: Henrik Fisker, CEO, Fisker Coach build, LLC 10 Secrets & Current Practices of Henrik Fisker? Star Performer 1. Take Private Time 2. Get Third Opinions 3. Evaluate Capacities 4. Shoot from the Hip 5. Go with That Gut Feeling 6. Take Initiative 7. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses 8. Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes 9. Reinforce People 10. Be Willing to Make Decisions That Are Exceptions to the Rule The Coach's Corner: 10 Strategies for Self-Confidence 1. Being on Your Case vs. Being on Your Side 2. Reflections on Thinking 3. Busting Perfection: Creating Realistic Expectations 4. Success Rules: Who Is Running You? 5. Success Log 6. Current Success Log 7. The Five Pivotal People in Your Life 8. Visualization 9. Decisiveness 10. Thin-Slicing Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER FOUR: TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION TOOLS AND STRATEGIES What Is the Teamwork and Collaboration Competency? Emotional Intelligence Research Examples Star Profile: Paulette Jones, Director of Technical and Strategic Business Development, NMB Technologies Corporation 10 Secrets & Current Practices of Paulette Jones? Star Performer 1. Start the Day with An Attitude of Gratitude? 2. Focused Greeting of People 3. Communication 4. Red Flag Meetings 5. Revenue Gap Meetings 6. BAT Teams (Business Acquisition Teams) 7. Team Meetings 8. Continual Process Review 9. Valuing Staff 10. Humor The Coach's Corner: 23 Strategies for Teamwork and Collaboration 1. Shared Vision 2. Trust Among Members 3. Expectations and Guidelines 4. Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution 5. Systems Thinking 6. Personal Leadership 7. Appreciation of Differences 8. Accountability and Consequences 9. Ongoing Learning and Recognition 10. Mentor Others 11. Meeting Mastery and Meeting Menace 12. Snapshot Management:The One-Hand Rule? 13. Meeting Menace Checklist 14. Team Meetings 15. Guidelines for Running a Great Meeting 16. How to Establish Roles Within a Team Meeting 17. 'stand-Ups'short Team Meetings 18. The Meeting Checklist Experiential Team building Exercises 19. Nails Team building Activity 20. Performance and Accountability Team building Activity 21. Expectations Activity 22. Team Assessment 23. Teamwork Ingredients Survey Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER FIVE: DEVELOPING OTHERS TOOLS AND STRATEGIES What Is the Developing Others Competency? Emotional Intelligence Research Examples Star Profile: Mark French, University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) Retired Head Coach, Women's Basketball Team 13 Secrets & Current Practices of Mark French? Star Performer 1. Leader's Point of View (POV): Basketball as a Metaphor for Life 2. Practice 3. Bonding and Team Meetings 4. Recruiting Stars 5. Building Effective Relationships 6. Self-Assessments and Goal Setting 7. One-on-Ones 8. Supportive Learning 9. Timely Feedback 10. Focus on Strengths 11. Take Personal Responsibility 12. Performance Review 13. Briefings Before and After the Game The Coach's Corner: 11 Strategies for Developing Others 207 1. Hiring Stars: Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Are More Likely to Be Hired and Become Stars 2. Behavioral Question List 3. One-on-One Meetings 4. Soaring with Strengths 5. Input + 1 6. Circle of Influence 7. Performance = Potential - Interferences, or P = P - I 8. Delegation 9. Coaching for Performance 10. Scaling Questions 11. Development First Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER SIX: COMMUNICATION AND EMPATHY TOOLS AND STRATEGIES What Is the Communication Competency? Emotional Intelligence Research Examples Star Profile: John Davies, CEO and Founder, Davies Public Relations 11 Secrets & Current Practices of John Davies? Star Performer 1. Touch the Heart 2. Understand What People Want 3. Find Your Passion 4. Find Your Uniqueness 5. Read People 6. Acknowledge/Do Not Offend 7. Summarize and Integrate 8. Be Prepared 9. Training and Personal Growth 10. Quality in All 11. Finding the Needle in the Haystack? The Coach's Corner: 12 Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Empathy 1. Empathy Skills 2. Listening and Rapport-Building Skills 3. White Space Issues 4. Intention/Interpretation Gap 5. Power of Language: Metaphors, Stories, and Words 6. Clarity: Connecting the Dots to a Better Future 7. Giving Feedback: SSBIR 8. Assumption Ladder: Arriving and Delivering Communication 9. Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy 10. The Left-Hand Column 11. Dialogue vs. Discussion 12. Dialogue Roles Star Performer Action Plan CHAPTER SEVEN: THE GAME PLAN The Plays Keeping Score: Your Leadership Scorecard NOTES BIBLIOGRAPHY ADDITIONAL RESOURCES INDEX