ISBN 9788176563062,Learn Advanced HTML with DHTML

Learn Advanced HTML with DHTML




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788176563062

ISBN-10 8176563064


Number of Pages 752 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

 Learn Advanced HTML 4.0 with DHTML presents a complete immersion in web page creation using the standard HTML language version 4.0,along with an introduction to Dynamic HTML.Author Jose Ramalho begins with an overview of the basics of HTML,such as text and header formatting and lists,and quickly moves to more advanced topics,including links,tables,frames,image maps,forms,and style sheets.He then discusses javascript,CGI,and Perl,all of which have certain features that help to circumvent the limitations of the HTML language.   The companion CD-ROM contains the example files discussed in the chapters,along with tools and shareware/freeware to help you create web pages.Among these are HTML Assistant,Bodytag,Paint shop pro,Mapedit,GIF Animator,and GIF Construction set.The superfly demo is also included to assist in the development of your DHTML skills.   Table of contents:   Chapter 1         Basic Concepts Chapter 2         Headlings Chapter 3         Paragraphs and line breaks Chapter 4         Text styles Chapter 5         Lists Chapter 6         URLS and Links Chapter 7         Images Chapter 8         Completing an HTML page Chapter 9         Exercise Chapter 10       Special characters Chapter 11       Colors and backgrounds Chapter 12       Refining the page Chapter 13       Tables Chapter 14       Frames Chapter 15       Style sheets Chapter 16       The <Meta>Command Chapter 17       Server side image maps Chapter 18       Client-side image maps Chapter 19       Animated images Chapter 20       Transparent and Interiaced images Chapter 21       Multimedia Chapter 22       Forms Chapter 23       Using javascript to improve your pagee Chapter 24       Javascript in practice Chapter 25       Javascript ready for use routines Chapter 26       Javascript methods and functions reference guide Chapter 27       Introduction to CGI Chapter 28       Introduction to Perl Chapter 29       Introduction to DHTML Chapter 30       Introductoin to cascading style sheets Chapter 32       DOM and javascript Chapter 33       The superfly demo