ISBN 9788187782018,Learn Gujarati In A Month

Learn Gujarati In A Month


Ishwar Datt



Read Well Publications

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788187782018

ISBN-10 8187782013


Number of Pages 191 Pages
Language (English)


English is truly an international language. It is the link language of the world. Millions speak it as their native language, while millions more speak it fluently as their main language of formal communication. This is especially true of the Commonwealth countries. As is natural for a language that is spoken so widely, there are several variations in speech patterns, accents, and styles of pronunciation and even spellings. The English spoken by native speakers from England Is quite different from the English spoken by Americans or Australians. Among non-native speakers, that is, people whose mother tongue is not English, the language and accent varies wildly. In India, where most educated people can read, write, and understand the language, the accents of English can vary from one state to another. However, people who speak the language fluently mostly have or try to acquire, a neutral accent that will be understood not just across the country, but also in other parts of the world. This neutral accent, as far as possible, eliminates the influences of the speaker's native language. Spoken English(Bansal) aims to help, its readers understand the fundamentals of this neutral accent and thus help them speak fluently and clearly, improving their communication skills. For this, the book first takes an extensive look at the phonetics of the English language. The phonetics of a language is the study of its basic sounds. The book has two sections. The first part covers phonetics and spoken English, while the second part provides practice exercises.