ISBN 978817029845,Learn MFC C++ Classes

Learn MFC C++ Classes


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 978817029845

ISBN-10 978817029845


Number of Pages 665 Pages
Language (English)


MFC, Microsoft Foundation Class, is the critical component of Microsoft's Visual C++ 4.0 compiler which allows programmers and developers to generate code compatible with all Windows applications. This title is targeted for introductory programmers who are already familiar with object-oriented programming and C++. Based on lecture, class notes, and student input, this insightful tutorial is on the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) of C++ classes. It covers Windows 3.1, 95 and NT environments using the Microsoft C++4, C++1.5, Symantec C++7, and Borland C++5 compilers. Menus, message maps, graphics, text, and fast drawing are explained. Discussed are child windows, dialogs, controls, transfer functions, and communication between parent and child for modal and modeless dialogs. The book examines the Document View architecture, and creates Document View and MDI applications. Concludes with a discussion of property sheets, common and custom controls. Table of Contents       Introduction Chapter 1 Windows and MFC