ISBN 9788170297079,Learn MS Word 7.0 for Windows 95 in a day

Learn MS Word 7.0 for Windows 95 in a day


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BPB Publications

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ISBN 9788170297079

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With this book at your side,get up and running quickly on the latest version of this popular, feature-packed word processing program. Hands –on activities and step-by-step instructions guide the beginner through the operation of Word 7.0 for Windwos 95. Covering everything from text editing and print preview to file merging and chart creation,this book makes using the powerful feature of Word 7.0 a breeze.   Table of Contents Sec 1. About this Book Sec 2. A Guided Tour Sec 3. Creating ,Saving,Importing,Exporting,and Inserting Files Sec 4. Formatting Pages, Paragraphs, and Section Sec 5. Indents and Outdents Sec 6 Creating Lists and Numbering Headings Sec 7. Styles,Fonts and Numbering Headings Sec 8 Editing Text Sec 9 Positioning And Viewing Text Sec 10. Using Tabs Sec 11 Tabs and Tables Sec 12. Tabs and Dot Leaders Sec 13. Finding and Replacing Text Sec 14 Inserting, Page Breaks,Page Numbers, Bookmarks,Symbols, and Dates Sec 15. Headers,Footers, Footnotes,Endnotes,and Annotations Sec 16 Working with Frames Sec 17 Working with Columns Sec 18 Working with Pictures Sec 19 Worki ng with Charts and Graphs Sec 20. Working with Forms Sec 21 Working with Tools Sec 22. Working with Objects –WordArt,Equations, and Worksheets Sec 23. Automating Your Work withMacros Sec 24 Printing