ISBN 9788172454708,Learn Russian Through English

Learn Russian Through English



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172454708

ISBN-10 8172454708


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

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This is an elementary level course for those who want to learn the Russian language from scratch in an easy and systematic way. Clearly written and informative, it is a guide to the creative and challenging language, Russian. The book can be used for immediate consolidation, later revision or remedial work. Suitable for use in the classroom, for homework or self-study, it can be used by the whole class or an individual student. It can also be used to supplement any elementary level course book. The book aims to provide: Coverage of the main areas of difficulty at the elementary level - grammar, phrases, vocabulary and writing. Concise, clearly-presented explanations and examples, which are easy to refer to Practice of each point covered. There are 11 integrated chapters in the book. In each of these chapters, you will expand your language skills, develop your vocabulary and test your comprehension. This book tries to cover all the grammar points (spelling, parts of speech, modality, tenses and so on). There are short, clear and straight to the point explanations for the grammatical structures covered in the book. Each chapter presents different aspects of the Russian grammar through examples. We all know the saying: "Practice makes perfect". So, each grammar point has been provided with appropriate exercises. By doing these exercises, your skill and confidence in speaking Russian will grow. Dialogues are another important part of this book that will help you to learn basic Russian phrases used in different situations. They are presented in the form of transliteration, so you will not get to know the Russian affirmatives, questions, confirmations, answers, but also learn to pronounce them correctly. The simple vocabulary has been deliberately chosen to enable readers to concentrate on the points of grammar without having to cope with difficulties in comprehension, and use this book for self-study as well as in class. Furthermore, I have attempted to introduce both lexical and contextual richness by varying the language, register and subject matter. You will find this informative course widening your horizons while improving your knowledge of the Russian language. I hope that both teachers and learners will find this book useful and interesting.