ISBN 9788128811869,Learn Tamil through English in 30 Days

Learn Tamil through English in 30 Days



Diamond Pocket Books-New Delhi

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788128811869

ISBN-10 812881186X


Number of Pages 156 Pages
Language (English)

Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)

Learn Tamil in 30 Days Through English is part of a series of books that help readers learn a new language quickly and efficiently. Learning a new language is always a rewarding activity. It opens up windows to different cultures and enables the learner to communicate with people from different places. In India, with its many states divided mainly along the lines of language, it is more imperative for a person to know at least one more language than their native one. This is especially important because when people cross a state border, they will have to try to understand and communicate in a new language. This brings up the need for books that help a person pick up the basics of the local language. This book introduces readers to one of the main languages of Southern India, Tamil. It starts with the letters in the Tamil alphabet and works it way up to help readers practice everyday conversations in Tamil. Tamil is an ancient language that has a wealth of literature and a culture that goes back a long time. Tamil, like most Indian languages, has a syllabic script which makes reading and spelling easy once the basic letters and combinations are learnt. Learn Tamil in 30 Days Through English starts with the Tamil letters - 12 vowels and 18 consonants. These are termed as the life letters and the body letters (respectively) of the language. Combining the consonants with the vowels gives all the syllabic letters of the language. The book introduces this concept and the script quickly, then goes on to introduce the most common words, word usage, sentence construction, and basic grammar rules. It concentrates on the general colloquial version of the language. Many practical examples are provided, helping build conversational skills, and examples of Tamil conversation in some common situations have also been provided. Learn Tamil in 30 Days Through English provides example sentences in typical situations - at home, while shopping, on the phone, in hotels etc. It also provides words and terms for common objects like fruits, drinks, time, and weather. Some conversation samples are also provided for understanding and practice - between friends, self-introduction, talking about money, about a trip, discussing the differences between village and urban life, and asking for directions to a place. With its simple, straightforward, and practical approach, the book aims to help the learner acquire basic reading skills and start using the language in everyday situations.