ISBN 9781844832316,Learn To Make Time: Maximize Your Time, Relieve Time-Related Stress, Reclaim Your Life

Learn To Make Time: Maximize Your Time, Relieve Time-Related Stress, Reclaim Your Life



Dreamland Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781844832316

ISBN-10 1844832317


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Language self-study texts

Banish stress by taking control over your time, instead of letting your time control you. Hurried and hassled? Stressed out and running late? Learn to Make Time will bring you relief from time-related problems. The book takes a realistic, in-depth approach to time management in every area ? home, work, study, parenting and leisure ? and covers a whole range of typical circumstances, from people who work at home to those who struggle to find time to be creative. More than 25 easy and effective step-by-step exercises take you through a range of key life skills, such as defeating procrastination and workaholism, taming the paper tiger of tedious admen and gearing your use of time to personal values. Brimful of wisdom, Learn to Make Time will really make a difference, equipping you to navigate a sure course along the pathways that are right for you About the Author Lucy Macdonald, M.Ed., runs her own practice as a counselor, specializing in stress and anger management, emotional intelligence and the power of optimism. A member of the Canadian Counseling Association, she is also president of Canada Private Practitioners? Network, and a well-known speaker throughout Canada. Table of Contents Understanding Time Forms of time What is time management? The benefits of time management Time urgency The Pareto Principle What?s stopping You? Procrastination Perfectionism Fear of failure Fear of success Workaholism Quality Time What is important to you? The purpose of your life Time to Plan Choosing and using your planner Planning your week Your daily schedule Long-term planning Time Management at Work Managing your business contacts Paper management De-clutter your office Time-saving technology Managing email Phone-salve or master? Project management Time-wasters and Time-savers Information overload The management of meetings Dealing with interruptions Learn to delegate How to say "no" Making use of waiting time Time Management for Everyone Time management for children Time management for students Time management for parents Working from home Time Management for creative people Managing time in retirement