ISBN 9780198062592,Learner's Grammar and Composition Book-2

Learner's Grammar and Composition Book-2




Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780198062592

ISBN-10 0198062591


Number of Pages 92 Pages
Language (English)


Oxford Learner's and Grammar and Composition is a graded grammar series for classes 1 to 8.The series aims to fulfill the needs of young learners of English as a second language by helping them to understand the nuances of English grammar. It helps learners to see the direct relationship between language form and the use of English in various life situations. Comprehension and Composition sections, at the end of each book, enable learners to sharpen their reading skills and provide writing practice. Salient Features Contextualized activities introduce grammar concepts based on the learner's existing knowledge Easy-to-understand rules and explanations help to identify and consolidate concepts A variety of exercise types ranging from guided to semi-guided and free activities encourage learners to think and apply their minds to challenging tasks. Task-based learning helps learner to imbibe grammar concepts through active participation Revision sections at the end of each unit help to quickly assimilate the concepts Let's Remember pages between the lessons provide for continuous evaluation of the pupil A separate Comprehension section provides interesting passages followed by varied exercise types The Composition section contains a variety if graded writing tasks on different topics that include descriptions, letter writing, imaginative writing, picture stories with clues, models and format