ISBN 9788180381300,Lectures In Jurisprudence

Lectures In Jurisprudence


N K Jayakumar


Lexisnexis india



Lexisnexis india

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788180381300

ISBN-10 8180381307


Edition 2nd
Language (English)

Academic text

Lectures in Jurisprudence, second edition presented in a direct and lucid style, covers the entire range of topics included in the curriculum of the degree course in law in Indian law schools. Beginning with elementary questions, such as what is law and the importance of jurisprudence, the book goes on to discuss sources of law, approaches to law, theories of law, and elements of law. Under each topic, the principles are explained, illustrated and contextualised. A separate chapter is devoted to modern trends and theories, including critical legal studies, feminist jurisprudence, post-modern legal theory, science, technology and law, and globalisation and law topics which are not found in any other Indian book on Jurisprudence. The fi rst edition of this student-friendly book was very well received by teachers as well as students of law. This revised and updated second edition of Lectures in Jurisprudence, contains detailed commentary, and, apart from being a dependable textbook for students of law, also provides a quick update to lawyers and an insightful introduction to students of other disciplines who want to know about law