ISBN 9781107464858,Lessons for Life 3

Lessons for Life 3



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781107464858

ISBN-10 1107464854

Paper Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 68 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

This second edition of Lessons for Life: A Course in Morals, Values and Life Skills is a comprehensive series of books designed to enable students of classes 1 to 8 to understand and imbibe certain human, social and national values which are intrinsic in moulding the sensitivities and wakening the consciousness of an individual. The series adheres to the curriculum on Peace Education prescribed in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005.
The series has an inclusive, objective and secular approach. It also inculcates in the learners the qualities of fairness, sympathy, peace and tolerance. While this edition retains all the key features of the first edition like carefully graded and structured chapters, varied range of texts from diverse sources for a holistic approach, interesting variety of activities and exercises to make learning enjoyable and activities conducive to diverse learning environments, it also offers the following added features.
Life skills to inculcate the application of values in ones day-to-day life divided into three core groupsThinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills
Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) covering qualitative reasoning and language conventions to develop higher order thinking skills in young learners
CCE-compliant activities to work towards the building of an interactive classroom to encourage self-learning and study skills
Personality sketches to instil in learners the finer nuances of leading by example
In its entirety, the series aims at grooming responsible citizens of the future while equipping them with appropriate thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Also available Teachers Manual with Resource Pack (DVD-ROM). Each Resource Pack contains enhanced ebook and Test Maker. No internet connection required!
The enhanced ebook facilitates teaching and learning in classroom environment.
The Test Maker tool helps teachers to prepare tests and worksheets in just a few clicks!
1. Being Courteous
A story of toads and diamonds
2. Learning from Mistakes
The story of a chef
3. Loving Nature
A poem
4. Sharing
A poem on a treasure
CCE-Compliant Activity
Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)
5. Being Faithful
The story of a little boy
6. Sense of Discrimination
The story of a choice
7. Being Self-Confident
The story of two friends
8. Being Resourceful
The story of a girl
CCE-Compliant Activity
Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)
9. Being Dutiful
A story from China
10. Having Devotion
The story of a nurse
11. National Consciousness
A pledge
12. Secularism in India
The story of a saint
CCE-Compliant Activity
Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)
Thats the Spirit! 1
Thats the Spirit! 2