ISBN 9788188661657,Lessons In Leadership:put The Moose On The Table

Lessons In Leadership:put The Moose On The Table



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188661657

ISBN-10 8188661651


Language (English)

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"Put the Moose on the Table" sets forth the ethical lessons Tobias first learned as a youth in Remington, Indiana, which continued to guide his upward trajectory through the business world. Among the topics he discusses are leading by example, dealing with wrenching change, the importance of openness versus secrecy, mentoring, and "the vision thing." His is a personal story as well, with some tragic dimensions. But most of all, this is an enlightening and hopeful book about succeeding without selling out, turning change to advantage, and confronting difficult issues, told from the point of view of one who has played a significant role in two of the major corporate transformations of our time.