ISBN 9789380710259,Let go Mom...I Will be Fine

Let go Mom...I Will be Fine


Shivi Dua


Wisdom Village



Wisdom Village

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380710259

ISBN-10 9380710259


Edition 1st
Number of Pages 154 Pages
Language (English)

Comic book & cartoon art

In case of fall in oxygen pressure, put on your oxygen mask first before helping your child." The thought which crossed my mind when I heard this for the first time was, "If there should be an emergency, I would protect my child first, put on her oxygen mask before mine!" Perhaps your thought was similar too.

Fortunately, our daily life situations are simpler and decisions are easier. It also means, usually, we do not think through the details in each and every situation. We just live through them. Is it possible then that in trying to help those we love, we are somewhere forgetting to grow in our ability to be of help? As our child's needs change, are we evolving enough to guide him in the right direction?

They say each generation is more evolved than the previous one. If that applied to our generation, it should apply for gen-next too. To serve a generation which is better than us we need to improve ourselves. As their parents and guides, we should identify areas where our guidance would be of help. There are areas however, where we can facilitate their growth into full potential by just letting go...

About the Author
Shivi Dua is a new age holistic healer and trainer who has developed a deep understanding of human psychology on the basis of innumerable experiential healing sessions she has conducted. Since she is a mother herself she understands the anxiety parents face right from the time of the birth of their children. In this book, she reveals a completely new perspective in parenting. The book helps us understand how parenting is meant not only for the development of the child but for the personal growth of the parents as well. By conducting self-empowerment workshops "Serenity through Surrender" and through her first book "Let the Power be with You", she has been instrumental in transforming many lives. She can be contacted at