ISBN 9788172345495,Letters from an Indian Summer

Letters from an Indian Summer


Hachette India



Hachette India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788172345495

ISBN-10 8172345496


Number of Pages 202 Pages
Language (English)


A love story between an Indian photographer and a French artist, Letters from an Indian Summer is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta hold dear in this world. The past, though, lurks constantly around every chosen corner. will the secrets they harbor end up destroying them, or will the unspoken belief in their entwined cosmic paths be much too strong a force? About the Author Born and raised in the city of Poona, Siddharth Dasgupta left home at the age of seventeen and ended up spending the next decade, and then some, in foreign lands. After hed had his fill of both southern Africa and Dubai, and after battling and then vanquishing a particularly tumultuous brain tumour, he returned to India and promptly set about putting pen to paper. Hes enjoyed a storied advertising career in which hes led creative agencies as well as written for them, but writing for his own self has always been the most consequential journey. He regularly submits himself to the passions of wanderlust, the unexpectedness of conversations, and the whims of desire.