ISBN 9780195673616,Level 2 - The Stubborn Mule and Other Stories

Level 2 - The Stubborn Mule and Other Stories



Oxford University Press India

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780195673616

ISBN-10 0195673611


Language (English)
Oxford Reading Treasure contains extensive reading activities beyond textbook content and contains in-built progression and vocabulary repetition throughout. It allows children to choose their reading material and read at their own pace without the pressure of being evaluated. Colour Coding for levels An identification band on the spine of each book clearly indicates the reading level of each book. The five colors on the long strip on the band shown below specify the five levels of reading. The thin middle strip shows the colors of the three books within each level. Key features of the series are as follows Contains 15 books designed for five graded levels, with three books at each level Consists of four to six independent stories in each book Provides a selection of stories that are universal, including those that are India-specific in nature Includes vocabulary lists of high-frequency words to enhance passive vocabulary development Contains no tasks, tests or reviews so that children are not deterred from reading Comes in a handy size with a colorful layout and attractive illustrations