ISBN 9789380828930,Level Three's Dream

Level Three's Dream



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380828930

ISBN-10 9380828934


Number of Pages 308 Pages
Language (English)

Action and Adventure

On a field trip to Paris, Simon, Goldberry, Mermelstein, Rocco,Robby and others of the School of the Ages encounter hostilestudents of Citadel d' If The Paris Magic School. In the fight thatbreaks out, both sides use magic they have specialized in. LinusLopez or Level Three has Asperger's Syndrome but does this alsomean he is a magician possessing the dangerous ability to trappeople in his imaginary mental world? Simon and his friends plan tocure him by entering the make-believe world of 'Alice inWonderland' he creates in his head. How they encounter the MarchHare, Mad Hatter, Dormouse and other characters is an excitingroller-coaster ride. Fans of magic and adventure will never want towake up from Level Three's Dream. About the Author Matt Posner is a writer and teacher from New York City. Hehas a Masters degree in English from Florida State University. Heis the poet and percussionist for The Exploration Project, New YorkCity's premier avant-garde multimedia band. His interests includecultural studies, music history and performance, visual arts,films, religion, and professional wrestling.