ISBN 9781107652385,Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Maximizing Business and Social Value

Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Maximizing Business and Social Value



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107652385

ISBN-10 1107652383

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Number of Pages 340 Pages
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Business & management

The corporate social and environmental responsibility movement, known more generally as corporate responsibility (CR), shows little sign of waning. Almost all large corporations now run some form of corporate responsibility program. Despite this widespread belief that CR can simultaneously improve societal welfare and corporate performance, most companies are largely in the dark when it comes to understanding how their stakeholders think and feel about these programs. This book argues that all companies must understand how and why stakeholders react to such information about companies and their actions. It examines the two most important stakeholder groups to companies - consumers and employees - to comprehend why, when and how they react to CR. Armed with this insight, it shows how companies can maximize the value of their CR initiatives by fostering strong stakeholder relationships to develop, implement and evaluate compelling social responsibility programs that generate value for both the company and its stakeholders.

Table of Contents
List of figures List of tables List of exhibits 1. The long and winding road to CR value Part I. Deconstructing CR Value: 2. Viewing stakeholders as individuals
3. How stakeholders respond to CR
Part II. Inside the Mind of the Stakeholder: 4. What stakeholders see and hear
5. The psychological engine that drives CR reactions
6. How context influences the process
Part III. Putting Insight into Action: 7. Co-creating CR strategy
8. Communicating CR strategy
9. Calibrating CR strategy
10. Putting the framework to work
11. Conclusion: the long and winding road revisited
Appendix: our research program.