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Library Science Education



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789331317599

ISBN-10 933131759X


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Basic Science

This publication titled, Library Science Education provides readers with details of continuing edcuation and professional library association in India and abroad with select case studies. Focus lies on select library and information scientists. Focus also lies on ways of providing education through digital libraries, highlighting the experiences from around the world. An attempt is made towards understanding the role of special libraries in research and training. Focus lies on focus on research and ways of finding information, and on research methods in cataloguing in library. Focus also lies on the HRD approaches to training in library. The theme of procurement and selection process in libraries is dealt in detail. Appendices and Bibliography are given.

About the Author
Purushottam Tiwari, a well-known library and information scientist, is working as a professor of library and information science since 2000. His teaching areas cover Information Science; Library Automation, Electronic Management and Copyright Issues. His research interests are based around Knowledge Management, Citation Studies, Electronic Publishing and Electronic Libraries. He has been a member in the editorial board of many scholarly publications. He also serves as a consultant of commercial organizattions, database producers, academic institutions, database producers, academic institutions, libraries and government departments on market research, national information policies, business development, copyright, licences, data protection and database design.

Table of Contents
Library Associations in India and Abroad: Select Case Studies
Continuing Education and Professional Library Associations
Focus on Select Library and Information Scientists
Providing Education through Digital Libraries: Experiences from Around the World
Towards Understanding the Role of Special Libraries in Research and Training
Focus on Major Research Tools in Library Science
Focus on Research and Ways of Finding Information
Focus on Research Methods in Cataloguing in Library
Towards Understanding the HRD Approaches to Training in Library
Focus on Procurement and Selection Process in Libraries