ISBN 9789380283739,Lie: A Traditional Tale of Modern India

Lie: A Traditional Tale of Modern India



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380283739

ISBN-10 9380283733


Number of Pages 182 Pages
Language (English)

Literature: special interest

In Lie: A Modern Tale of Traditional India, a broad picture-book narrative that is part soap opera and part family melodrama, critic and satirist Gautam Bhatia lays every Indian stereotype open to question: that good always triumphs over evil; that truth vanquishes falsehood; that the poor will ride roughshod over the rich; that the powerful politician will sooner than later be brought to his knees by the ordinary man. The graphic novel looks at issues, personalities, people and ideas that project the popularly-held view of the country. Its characters interact with each other in a way that gives vent to a range of popular and suppressed prejudices?desires, taboos and age-old injustices?that dog the life of every Indian. A sardonic look at the current state of affairs in the country, using a traditional form of expression, Lie has been drawn by miniaturists from Rajasthan. About The Author Gautam Bhatia graduated in fine arts and went on to get a Master?s degree in architecture. A practicing architect, he has also written extensively on architecture. Besides a biography on Laurie Baker, he is the author of Punjabi Baroque, Silent Spaces and Malaria Dreams.