ISBN 9788122306248,Life After 50

Life After 50


Gd Thapar


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788122306248

ISBN-10 8122306241

Paper Back

Number of Pages 188 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

hich after numerous reprints has gone into 4th revised and updated edition, presents in an easy to understand language the body changes that occur with age and explains how, in light of those changes, adjustments in diet, work, exercise, rest, etc, have to be made.

It also goes on to explain disorders common at this age- obesity, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, enlarged prostate, Parkinson's disease, etc, and how to present and steer clear of them. Sexual problems of the elderly and sleep disturbances have been discussed and solutions offered. There are chapters on alcohol and tobacco related disease and a special chapter on how to stop smoking the easy way. You will find advice on how to prevent home accidents to which the elderly are prone, and above all how to prevent the ravages of old age and a new chapter to help you when you turn seventy, to name but a few topics discussed in the book.

It is packed with useful information for all those who have reached middle age and beyond, to enable them to convert the coming years into golden years of their lives

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