ISBN 9789380619675,Life Is A Pack Of 52 Cards

Life Is A Pack Of 52 Cards



Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9789380619675

ISBN-10 9380619677

Paper Back

Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)

motivation & self-esteem

Life is always a game of choices. It involves an interplay of conclusions that we draw every day, depending upon our perception of life. As the perceptions change, so do the conclusions too. To some, life has always been 'half-full,' while others perceive it as 'half-empty.' Through this book, one can easily solder-wire the brain, to look at life--only and only--as an offering 'half-full,' instead of looking at it as 'half-empty.'

It is neither a book on 'dos' and 'donts,' nor is it some kind of a rule-book. It does not unveil any secret recipe of 'that' magic potion either, 'which' we have been searching for years. The book, in reality, is a beautiful and honest compilation of author's personal and professional experiences. It elucidates--and describes--the various teachings that life has offered to him over all these years.

Life is not only stranger than we can ever imagine, it is mysterious as well. It is like a riddle, wrapped as an enigma. Life is also the single most complex process to be understood, after the human brain. Each one of us has a unique life to live, and each one of us has to deal with it uniquely--rendering it almost impossible to have one size that fits all. However, the book would surely help us create a framework, thus enabling us to lead and live our life better--in bliss and in peace.

The author pledges to donate all proceeds from the sale of this book, to "Being Human Foundation," ( dedicated to: educating the underprivileged kids and undertaking healthcare measures for them. He firmly believes that while our earnings reflect how we make a living, our contributions to the society embody how we make a life.