ISBN 9780070499591,Lifelong Creativity : An Unending Quest

Lifelong Creativity : An Unending Quest



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780070499591

ISBN-10 0070499594


Number of Pages 436 Pages
Language (English)


Lifelong Creativity is a contemplative, exploratory and path breaking work. It enquires into the roots of creativity? what is it about our biology, the way our mind works, the way the society is our spirituality, that makes creativity possible. Is lifelong creativity possible? How can we enhance our creativity and sustain it throughout our lifetime? What blocks creativity? Written by Prof. Pradip N Khandwalla, an eminent management thinker and writer, the book is an interesting journey through the realm of creativity? with many new ideas, insights, quotes, stories, self evaluation tests, quizzes and mental gyms! We often forget that it is a feeling that gives meanings to our actions and that without the energy supplied by emotions, no great tasks could be accomplished. Idealism, love, hate, compassion, yearning for peace, as well as ambition, are emotions that have time and again reshaped the world. Lifelong creativity requires fundamental changes in traits as well as motives. Such changes are possible with imagination and determination and help from mentors. Creativity is an elixir. Every time you visit it, you return bubbling with new ideas.