ISBN 9788189973018,Light On The Lotus

Light On The Lotus



Readworthy Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189973018

ISBN-10 8189973010


Number of Pages 114 Pages
Language (English)


A collection of poems, mostly dealing with the struggle of life to rise above the daily trifles and reach the ocean of eternity. About the Author Arup Mitra is Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. His research interest lies in issues related to socio-economic development, literature, mysticism, spiritualism and temple-dance. His other major work in the field of literature includes collection of poems and fiction. Table of Contents In the Realms of My Heart I Die in Joy Bottomless Ocean The Sixth Chapter Unsuccessful Escape Beyond Myself Beyond Life and Death Your Wish In Search of Joy At the Root of Bliss I Ask Not In a Hurry Creative Destruction With a Purpose What I Can Do I Become You The Ganges If He Returns The Blooming Lotus Unsaid Transformation Only a Moment of Eternity For Your Seat Immersion In You Astonishment Satiety Where Do You Stand? Fountain Pretension Time of Worship Uncrushed Ego In the Center of the Universe Wondering Illusion Unnecessary Struggle Desire Losers and Acquirers Goddess of Bliss My Assets Greatness From the Depth Above the Sky Glory, Thrust upon Nirvana Still What Would Hold Me Back? The Cry of Soul Your Fragrance I observed Not Returning to Earth What Are You? Forever Paradise Regained Gains from Losses Multiple Painless Inevitable and Indispensable Empathy You too Aspire My Power All You I Know Not Silence Speaks More Life-Breath of Beauty No Exclusion Return Gifts When the Day Is Done Floods Endless Effort Gain in the Midst of Loss Longing in Secrecy Dare Devil Golden Basket Poor Too Smile My Endless Journey Eternal Silence Your Pleasure No Space for You To Conquer Time For Reaching the Shore The Biggest Wonder Meeting More Than I Can Hold Complementary You Cry in Suffocation Waves of Joy Deforestation Continuity Behind the Cruelty So Much Heart Passing on the Glory Dual Existence The Auspicious Moment Recreation Inexplicable Joy Unnoticed Mysterious Words Your Golden Harp Golden Temple Evening Farewell