ISBN 9780747576693,Lima 3: Taking On The Heroin Traffickers

Lima 3: Taking On The Heroin Traffickers



Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780747576693

ISBN-10 0747576696


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

In Lima 3 Harry Ferguson leaves the Kilos behind for a new call sign and a tougher assignment with the Lima team, the 'Allstars' of HM Customs Investigation Division. His new work brings him up against brutal Liverpool gangster John Haase. and it soon becomes clear that Haase works closely with a Turkish heroin smuggler known as 'Volkan'. But Volkan doesn't only supply Haase, he also supplies an equally ruthless gang in Brixton and before long the Limas are dangerously stretched trying to keep a grip on the London-Liverpool axis. Harry's health begins to suffer and his wife Nicky, fed up with his long absences and no-shows, walks out on him. Back in Liverpool, the team are poised to 'knock' Haase's gang just as they unload Volkan's drugs, but then something goes badly wrong. Full of shocks and surprises, Lima 3 finishes with such an extraordinary twist it's hard to believe that what you are reading actually happened. A former MI6 officer, Harry Ferguson is the author of Kilo 17 and Spy. He worked undercover with HM Customs and Excise for eight years and is now a full-time writer.