ISBN 9788183281928,Little Monk's Parvati

Little Monk's Parvati


Gauri Kelkar


Wisdom Tree



Wisdom Tree

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183281928

ISBN-10 8183281923


Number of Pages 60 Pages
Language (English)

Religious groups

Parvati is an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Goddess Durga and wife of Lord Shiva. She is the gentler form of Goddess Durga and is a home-maker, with a husband and children. However, Goddess Parvati herself is very accomplished and skilled enough to fight the demons single-handedly. She too is considered to be a supreme goddess from whom other shaktis (divine energies) are derived. This book tells the tale of how Parvati won Lord Shiva as her husband and how she helped her husband during times of trouble. About The Author Gauri Kelkar is a freelance writer and editor whose area of interest now extends into the vast and varied mythological world of gods and goddesses. A first-timer in the world of children?s writing where imagination rules, the journey from writing content for adults to writing tales for children has been fraught with literary challenge?one that she has enjoyed thoroughly! A fourth year student at Srishti, Bengaluru, Shilo Shiv Suleman is a freelance illustrator, animator and designer. In her spare time, she gypsies around the country getting lost in watercolour wonderlands and pressing flowers between the pages in her notebook. She believes in Love, Magical Realism and everything that shimmers. This is her seventh book for children.