ISBN 9788129118073,Little Red Book English Vocabulary Today

Little Red Book English Vocabulary Today


Terry O Brien


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129118073

ISBN-10 8129118076


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)


Short words are the best and old words when short are best of all. Vocabulary is a power house that equips you with What to Say. Yes and No are very short words to say, but we should think for some length of time before saying them. The limits of language are the limits of the mind. Little Red Book of English Vocabulary Today is a treasure chest of words for all age groups. This book is not a run-on the-mill vocabulary collection. What matters is not just the traditional; language of today also counts: Aperepiphobia fear of opening e-mails Bulliphobia fear of not having the remote control A group of husbands unhappiness A group of wives impatience A man does not live on bread alone but by the catch words in his vocabulary. Catch the words and hook the reader and the listener! About the Author Terry O' Brien is an academician by vocation and a passionate quiz enthusiast by avocation. His leit-motif is the igniting of quizzing instinct and an aptitude to develop the 3R' s of learning: Read, Record, Recall. He is a Trainer' s Trainer and a motivational speaker. He has written several books. A flair for writing and speaking comes naturally to him.