ISBN 9788122205114,Living Greatness

Living Greatness


Joseph Law


Orient Paperbacks



Orient Paperbacks

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788122205114

ISBN-10 8122205119


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)

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A Practical Guide to Living an Enlightened Life. Throughout recorded human history, many insightful teachers, thinkers, and philosophers have talked about finding purpose in life and living a life filled with happiness. While many of these ideals, insights of spiritual wisdom, and higher principles are wonderful, most of them were written thousands of years ago. How can we practically integrate these ancient teachings into the complexities of our modern, everyday lives? Author and entrepreneur Joseph Law has brought together an eclectic group of teachers in this book. From billionaire business coach Bill Bartmann and international leading thinker Edward de Bono, to meditation master Mingyur Rinpoche and quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf, and many others including the no-need-to-be-introduced Jack Canfield and John Demartini. This ground-breaking book, Living Greatness, teaches the principles of happiness from a holistic perspective, one that includes fulfilling relationships, rewarding career, spiritual growth, and finding one?s purpose in life. Written in a question-and-answer dialogue through a series of rare and insightful interviews, Living Greatness gives you private access to the ideas, thoughts, and advice of some of the greatest and the most respected living minds. As you read this book you will discover that Living Greatness is possible for all of us and cannot be measured solely by society's usual standards of success or wealth. Rather, it is demonstrated by how one's life is lived. This is what Jack Canfield, co-author of New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul,writes in the foreword of the book: Living Greatness blends the best of success and spiritual principles into a simple, easy-to-read format and compresses years of collective wisdom, knowledge, and experience into potent lessons that have powerful and immediate applications. It also offers brilliant answers to some of the most gripping questions that have ever been asked about life, happiness and success. Living Greatness contains timeless wisdom in a contemporary package for living a happier, more successful, and more fulfilling life. To live great, you will also need to build the new habits, behaviours, and belief structures that will allow you to create the life you want ? and Living Greatness will show you how to do just that. Get ready for the read (and the ride) of your life!

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