ISBN 9788183329309,Living Science 8 (CCE Edition)

Living Science 8 (CCE Edition)



Ratna Sagar P. Ltd.

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183329309

ISBN-10 8183329306


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)


The CCE Edition of Living Science Primer, 1to 8 conform to the CBSE's vision of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. This edition is enriched with activities that can be used for formative assessment (FA) and summative assessment (SA). - The in-text questions can be used as oral quizzes to check the child's grasp of the concept. - Multiple-choice questions and other selection-type questions have been included in each chapter. - The tasks at the end of each chapter include activities, research projects, field tours, internet-linked research/activities and experiments. These tasks can be used for formative assessment. - The HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions will develop the child's logical and analytical thinking. - The LIFE SKILLS section will help to develop the child's capacity for critical thinking and his/her social adeptness with peers and in groups. - TEACHER'S NOTES talk about the activities or suggestions that would assist teachers in making strategies on the teaching-learning process. - Two model test papers have been give for summative assessment. Key Features of Living Science 6-8 - Activities have been included in the chapters to explain and reinforce scientific concepts. These activities can be used for FA. - Oral questions have been included to enable the teacher to check the child's progress. These questions can be used for FA. - Exhaustive and varied exercises, including multiple-choice questions, very short-answer questions, short-answer questions and long-answer questions can be used for both FA and SA. - The HOTS questions will greatly enhance the development of independent thinking skills. - A section called FOR FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT consists of research projects, internet-linked research/activities, presentations, experimental projects, models and field tours. - The section on LIFE SKILLS will further link science with the day-to-day life of a child and his/her surroundings. Also available websupport at Science Virtual Resource Centre