ISBN 9780764154300,Living With A Boxer

Living With A Boxer



Barrons Educational

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780764154300

ISBN-10 0764154303


Number of Pages 126 Pages
Language (English)

Domestic animals & pets

The Boxer's intelligence, strength, and fearlessness are qualities that make it a superb guard dog. This breed also makes a loyal, friendly household companion. Titles in this growing series are written especially for owners who have just acquired a pedigreed pup, as well as for prospective owners trying to decide on which breed to choose. Each book gives an in-depth presentation of the special needs and traits of a specific dog breed. Which are best with kids? Which make good working farm dogs? Which are good hunters? Is the breed ideal for an owner who merely wants a companionable house pet? Living with a Pet books give readers a detailed understanding of the title breed's daily needs, special abilities, physical and personality traits, susceptibility to health problems, and the steps owners should take to ensure a happy relationship with dogs of all breeds. These hardcover and dust-jacketed volumes are filled with unusually attractive full-color photos and interesting sidebar features.

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